A Warm Winter Day

The first thing I do every morning is let the dogs out. Even on the coldest days, It’s a nice way to wake up. I bring my warm lemon water outside and walk around our 2 acres as the dogs zip around.


Usually when I’m out walking with my dogs in the morning, I look up at the tree tops and think, “Please let this be a productive day”, and I inhale deeply. I’m savoring all the nature I can before I head inside to the computer.

But today was different. Today was a slow start. Lazy Sunday. When I first woke, there was a heavy fog covering the land. And when I walked out a couple hours later, the fog had lifted but there were tiny droplets on every branch. The droplets evaporated so fast that by the time I had cleaned my camera lens and came back outside, they were gone.




During spring, wild bluebells pop up all around the creek, and it’s a momentary burst of color. The lack of leaves on the trees, and the lack of tall grasses completely open this creek bed in the winter. It makes the property feel smaller. So when everything fills out in the summer, the property starts to feel like a magical oasis.


It’s fun to watch this property change with the seasons. When I lived in the city, I couldn’t wait for winters to pass. These days, I’m enjoying the cold weather months a little bit more — especially on days like today, when you can throw a frisbee around without your fingers going numb.