Hi. I’m Rebecca.

I am a professional writer and content marketer who helps coaches, brands, and entrepreneurs develop powerful brand messaging.

I help you gain authority, take ownership over your reputation, and connect with potential customers in a genuine way.

By providing a creative marketing plan, thoughtfully-crafted content, and a unique voice that fits the brand, I help my clients become more profitable.

My clients are running companies of their own and don’t have time to craft a polished blog, book, or marketing strategy. They’re experts in their fields: physicians, botanists, health and relationship coaches, nutritionists, and health companies. They don’t have time to write blog posts, keep up with social media, develop effective e-newsletters, or keep their websites a continuously-updated customer magnet.

I have a decade of experience as a writer and researcher. I have written for CityScene Magazine, SoNourished, Nanny Magazine, TweakYourBiz, Abbott Nutrition, Harness Magazine, Nationwide Insurance, and many more.

I have a background in marketing and a knack for all things creative, including sharp copy, imagery, and design.


I run on six core values. 

i believe in community

I believe in getting to know you as a client and becoming a valuable part of your team. I embrace the unique voice of the humans behind your brand to rally an invested audience around your cause.

i believe in research.png

We have a responsibility to spread accurate information. Scholarly research is in everything I do, and everything I write can be backed up by the researchers and scientists who change our understanding of the truth.

i believe in transparency.png

My first priority is your success. By communicating clearly and honestly, we make better decisions that’s right for everyone.

i believe in strategy.png

A clear vision is essential for a coherent message. I believe in having a plan but not being afraid to act on creative sparks.

i believe in integrity.png

I take my promises seriously.  I deliver thoughtful, quality-crafted work my clients feel proud of.

i believe in humor.png

Call me a ray of sunshine, but I love bringing a sense of lightheartedness to my work. I believe that having a sense of humor helps us see the forest through the trees, avoid sweating the small stuff, and solve challenges with creativity and skill.

A Brief History of Rebecca McCusker

  • I considered myself a professional writer when I was six. (That’s how much I love this stuff.)
  • I graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Creative Writing and Strategic Communication.
  • I founded and led a city-wide writer’s workshop for four years called PROSA: Workshop for Writers, a place for writers to practice and improve their writing with a support group of other writers of all backgrounds and levels of experience. 
  • I fell in love with nutrition science and health when I worked as Editor & Copy Manager for Abbott Nutrition (Similac, Ensure, PediaSure, Pedialyte). I wrote and edited e-newsletters, social posts, and web pages with a goofy, whip-smart team of creatives I’m still friends with today.
  • There’s no better way to spend a summer night than at a campfire with a guitar in hand.
  • I’ve always been into photography, and I love bringing my camera when I visit my marketing clients. I typically end up with more than 200 pictures worth of marketing fodder.
  • I believe that no matter what professions we choose, we’re always in a “helping profession”. It is a delicious honor to help others with our talent and skills. 

I want my clients to know: 

I’m on your team.

I only work with companies that I’m 100 percent excited about – that I believe in, that I cheer on, and that I firmly believe can benefit from my skills and creative vision.

You’ll notice that I use “we” language. Your goals become my goals. I become your right-hand-writer –  intimate with your story, challenges, goals, and voice.

Check out my Services Page to find out how I can help your business gain authority, manage your online reputation, and genuinely connect with potential customers.