Hi. I’m Rebecca.

I’m a writer, musician, and creative consultant. I live on a couple of acres in the Ohio countryside with my husband Charles, where we garden and ride around on mopeds.

I have always been passionate about writing and creativity. I write books, articles, blogs, web copy, and more. And when I’m not writing those things, I’m writing in my notebook.

And when I’m not writing in my notebook, I’m writing songs. I’ve been a musician for twenty-two years. I play piano, guitar, I sing, and I’m in a folk-rock band called Linden Hollow. Our debut album “Luna” is now streaming on Spotify and iTunes.

Fun Facts:

  • I started writing fiction when I was six, and playing piano when I was six. 1996 was a very good year.
  •   I’ve lived in Florida, Virginia, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and Ohio.
  •   I studied opera for five years before sidestepping into folk.
  •  I really love reading non-fiction books, and I hit up the library about once a week.
  •  One of my dreams is to become a children’s book writer.
  • My husband and I love sailing, hiking, snowboarding, gardening, and being outside as much as possible.
  • We named all our animals after America’s founders: Abigail “Cattams”, Hamilton, Dolly (As in Dolly Madison), and Samuel (as in Samuel Adams).
  • Words my friends affectionately use to describe me include: “workhorse”, “hyper-creative”, and “earnest”.


Nothing gives me more joy than writing and being creative. Check out my Work With Me page to discover how I can help with blog posts, articles, web copy, marketing strategy, and more.