Healthy Reasons to Get Naked

You have the right to strut around the house naked.

There are delightful reasons to shed your clothes. It boosts confidence and makes you feel better in your own skin. It helps us accept ourselves. Perhaps it’s because we’re not trying to fight anything. We’re not fighting fashion, tight straps, skinny jeans, and there’s no reason to suck in our gut. We are loping around the house naked with no apologies.

Confidence boost aside, why go nude? I investigated.

Sleep Naked, Lose Weight, Look Younger, Have Sex, Sleep Better.


There are so many reasons to sleep naked.

Better Sleep

Sleeping in the nude keeps you cooler, which helps you fall asleep faster. Falling asleep faster allows you to produce more melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep cycles and has anti-aging properties.

Healthier Skin

Going nude allows your skin to breathe! How many hours a day are you wearing restricting underwear? How many indentations do your clothes make in your skin? Take it off, take it all off! Let your skin breathe.

Improved Reproductive Health

Men who sleep naked have higher sperm count and better sperm quality than those who wear boxers or briefs.

Women who sleep naked have healthier vaginal PH levels and less yeast infections.

More Sexy Time

Couples who sleep naked have more sex. All that skin-to-skin contact triggers your body to release more oxytocin, “the love hormone”, which plays a role in relationship bonding and sexual desire.

Couples that have more sex are happier in their relationships, have lower stress levels, stronger immune systems, less chronic pain, and lower blood pressure.

Skip the undies and get busy.

And here’s a challenge.

This summer, find an empty beach or a remote patch of forest, and drape your clothes on a tree branch. The sensations you will feel being outside with nothing on will be something you will not soon forget. Feel the ocean, feel the wind, and step out of that comfort zone.