I’m a Writer

This is me on graduation day with my now-husband Charles. When this picture was taken, I was 22 and had been freelance writing for four years, and a musician for sixteen.

graduation day

After a lifetime of writing fiction, I began writing professionally when I was 18. I started freelancing because it was fun – I enjoyed writing – and it was a thrill to see my work published for the first time.


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Rebecca began working at Craft House Designs during its infancy, and lead the way in creating the voice for the company. Crafting a brand image from scratch is challenging. However, due to her creative strategies, research, and unique marketing voice, she played an active role in making Craft House Designs’s first year a success.

Rebecca not only possesses strong creative writing skills, she is also an extremely reliable, hard worker. Even when presented with tasks outside her comfort zone or realm of knowledge, she put in the work to learn what she needed to know, and always met new challenges with a positive attitude.

– Meghann Polen, Photographer & Graphic Designer at Craft House Designs

I’m a Musician

I am a pianist, guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, member of folk-rock band Linden Hollow, music educator, and banjo hopeful.


Music has been a part of Rebecca McCusker’s life at just about every stage. At 6, she began playing piano. From 14 to 19 she studied opera. In college, she sang 1950s music in an all-women’s chorus. And at 22 she picked up the guitar.

– Joel Oliphint with Columbus Alive


I’m a Creative.


The most outstanding thing about Rebecca is her work ethic. Whether in the business or music world, her follow through from concept to creation enables her to produce big things. She is always eager to help others and her positive attitude adds a sense of comradery to those around her. I learned so much from her about editing and writing while we worked together. I was lucky to have her as a colleague.

– Amie Byrd, Writer & Editor


I had the pleasure of working with Rebecca at Abbott Nutrition. Her ability to juggle multiple projects, her attention to detail, and her stellar sense of humor make her an excellent teammate.

– Sharon Santino, Advertising & Marketing Professional