Marketing Magic: A Simple Way to Get Customers To Hang Out With Your Brand

For businesses that don’t have a central marketing strategy, marketing can feel like playing chess in the dark. They’re not sure what works, so they fire random shots, hoping something will click.

And when engagement rates don’t rise, when email open rates lag, and when social media pages end up as sleepy fields of tumbleweeds, it’s clear that aimless marketing doesn’t work. No strong message means no coherent brand experience, which means there’s no reason for new customers to engage.

There’s something missing, here. There needs to be something driving your brand message, engaging customers, and fueling your entire marketing strategy.

Enter the blog. 

A blog helps you save time by planning your strategy and crafting your message in advance.  It helps engage your audience and lead new customers right to your door.

With a blog informing your marketing strategy, you can attract new customers even when you’re kicking back, sipping a drink with a tiny pink umbrella in it. 

How? Because content is king. High-quality content positions you as the authorities in your field. Having something to say helps you stand out from your competition. A unique brand voice and vision makes a brand worth remembering. 

A blog invites customers to your doorstep. It predicts common customer questions and answers with valuable, informative content. If done correctly, a blog can spearhead your marketing strategy.

Why Is Blogging So Powerful For Businesses?

Let me start out with some stats. According to HubSpot’s 2018 State of Inbound Marketing Survey:

  • 60 percent of businesses who blog receive more customers.

Customers find you easier and connect with your message faster.

  • Businesses who blog receive 97 percent more links to their website.

This means that more people are coming to your website. More eyeballs and more awareness mean more customers.

  • Businesses who blog receive twice the traffic from email marketing than those who don’t blog.

Give people a reason to click to your website through your e-newsletter by offering them valuable content. This invites people to spend more time engaged with your brand. The more time people spend on your website, the more likely they are to become paying customers.

  • Featuring a blog on your website can improve your website’s search engine rankings by a whopping 434 percent. (That’s a LOT.)

You want your website on the first page of google for relevant search terms. Research shows that only 5 percent of people make it to the second page of search engine results.  If your website doesn’t pop up right away, few people will see your site. 

Furthermore, 72 percent of consumers who perform a local search end up visiting a store within 5 miles of their location. Sixty-one percent of people perform research of a product online before making a purchase. Clearly, you want to show up strong on search engines. A blog is the surest way to get to page one.

Why Customers Love Blogs

A blog shows you’re passionate about what you do. It’s a place to explore customer questions and issues, where people get a sense of your brand personality and values. It’s where people realize they like your brand and want to pick up what you’re putting down. 

A blog is a way for customers to learn more about your company in a way that isn’t salesy or promotional. You’re giving them valuable, informative content, without trying to make a hard sell. Customers love this. It’s a great place to answer frequently asked questions, to allay concerns, and to spark a beautiful relationship. 

When the blog is good, customers don’t see it as just a frill.  Six out of 10 U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.

People are more likely to take out their wallets when they trust you. Customers trust companies whose blogs educate or help them. When you position yourself as the expert and provide valuable information for free, people feel warm and happy about your products and services over the other guy’s. 

A blog is the perfect way to say “We can help you! We can make your life better! Here’s how!”

Save Time and Improve Your Marketing by Re-purposing Your Blog Posts.

Having a blog adds so much “beef” to your website and brings prospective customers to your digital doorstep. But merely having a blog is just the beginning. What 30 percent of businesses don’t realize is that you can – and should – re-purpose your blog content.

You spent time crafting a blog post of 1,000 or more words, with beautiful imagery and thoughtful content. Why not recycle this content for newsletters, social media, podcasts, video, and more? Hello, syndication! 

Re-purposing blog content is how blogging saves precious marketing time. It’s how you develop and execute a stellar marketing strategy. It’s how you appear in all places at once, like magic, with less effort.

Let me count the ways!

Ways to Re-purpose a Blog Post:

When you click “publish” on a blog post, it’s only the beginning. Below are ways to recycle this content into all your other platforms so you can reach new audiences, stay front-of-mind, and gain a large, loyal following. 

Take highlights from your blog posts and turn them into visually-appealing social media posts.

When I work with businesses, I typically publish two social posts for every blog post. One blog post inspires two Facebook posts, two Instagram posts, two Twitter posts, two Pinterest posts, and two LinkedIn posts. Depending on how many of these social media sites your company is on, you’re looking at ten additional pieces of content to engage audiences.

Get creative! Pull out compelling parts of a blog article to muse about over social media. Accompany with beautiful images that capture your brand. Start a conversation. 

Share the blog post on your e-newsletter.

Companies that invite their newsletter readers to click over to their blog receive more website traffic. This means that prospective customers are spending more time thinking about – and engaged with – your brand.

Turn the blog post into a video for your YouTube channel.

The blog post can serve as a “loose script” for a YouTube video! Companies that convert blog posts into video receive an edge. Ninety percent of consumers say that watching a video about a product or service helped them make buying decisions. Mentioning the word “video” in an email subject line increases open rates by 90 percent, and 64 percent of consumers say that watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchasing decision.

Turn the blog post into a podcast.

If your audience is the podcast-listening type, the blog can serve as the source of inspiration for each episode. Podcasts (and video!) are great because they let your customers get to know you before they step foot in your business. 

Turn several related blog posts into an e-book.

Related blog posts can be tied together in an e-book. The e-book is a great way to get more people on your email list: “Get our free e-book sent to your inbox!” They’re also a great way to serve a dose of value up front. 

Having a blog shows people that you’re having a blast. It helps you connect with customers in a meaningful way and to carry the conversation over to different mediums. 

Let’s Start a Conversation. 

I’ve helped CEOs, coaches, and businesses get their blogs off the ground or sharpen their existing ones. I’ve spent years writing, researching, and crafting messages meant to engage audiences. I’ve worked with companies who saw a more than 100 percent increase in engagement, who suddenly found customers saying “I found you guys online!” 

When that starts happening, it’s a good feeling. Drop me a line to schedule your free consultation. I’m excited to help you grow your business!