Owning a Business is like being in a Rock Band.

When we’re kids, we all start out by doing what we love. If we enjoy something, we’re encouraged to do it! It feels like play because it is play, and we can daydream about what this new-found love can do for our lives.

In my experience, starting a band and starting a business both felt like this. They felt like play.

I’ve been both writing and playing music since I was a little girl. When I used to write stories, I imagined one day working as a writer and maybe even seeing my published book on the shelf. When I used to play piano, I imagined releasing an album and being a “rock star!”

Before I launched my folk-rock band Linden Hollow, I started out alone at open mics. Before I knew it, I had a repertoire of 20 songs, a full band with girls I am lucky enough to call my friends, published songs, and people paying to come see us perform. To think about where I began and where I am now is a beautiful curve of growth, and I can’t help but think that my business is going to have a similar growth curve.

How launching my own business is like forming a rock band:

  1. I’m doing this because I love it and it’s fun. 

There are way easier ways to make money. If I wanted to coast through my career, I would just go back to working in an office where I had way less responsibility could rely more on a team. Just like rocking out in a band, I get so involved in what I’m doing that I end up losing time. Four hours feels like a mere twenty minutes. The days feel short when I’m writing and helping other businesses succeed with digital marketing, because I love the results. It feels like a game. And isn’t that the point?

I’m in a rock band because it’s fun and it allows me to lose time. I’m starting my own business where I write and help others with their writing, because it’s fun. Livin’ the dream!

2. When you find the right people, nothing can stop you.

My music would not be what it is without my bandmates, Emily and Paige. They bring an energy and vision to the music that I could have never achieved alone. Likewise, my business would be nothing without my clients. I am thankful for my clients every single day because they teach me new ways of operating and they expand my world view.

3. One success builds on another.

In both rock n’ roll and digital marketing, success breeds success. By doing more, you’re learning more, and the more you work, practice, and write, the better you get. In the writing world, you ain’t shit without a portfolio to prove that you know how to string a sentence together. Likewise, in the music industry, nobody pays attention to you until you have published music to show the world. That’s how you book gigs, get press, and find people who want to rock out with you.

In both the world of rock n’ roll and business, there are moments of anxiety. Sometimes I’m not sure how good I actually am at music, and I have my moments of self-doubt. Likewise, in this brave new world of freelance work, sometimes I wonder how much I know what I’m doing. But that’s par for the course. Every day I’m learning new things and getting better. Skills build upon skills.

A few years ago I never could have imagined having a published album on Spotify, iTunes, and youtube. A couple years ago I thought I would be in my forties by the time I would start my own business, and here I am.

I’m along for the ride! It’s fun, I love it, and it feels like play. Isn’t that the point?