5 Ways to Use a Divided Flower Box

5 Ways to Use a Divided Flower Box was originally published in Craft House Blog for Craft House Designs on April 25, 2017. 

A flower box is lovely on a sunny window sill or as a centerpiece, but with all those compartments, it’s just screaming for purpose. For our very first Craft House Designs blog post, we figured it would be super fun to brainstorm all the different ways to use our Galvanized Divided Flower Box. The challenge was sticking with only five!

1.  A Tea Box 


How easy is your tea shelf to navigate, really? If you’re a tea lover, chances are that your tea cabinet is a mess of cardboard boxes and tea bags that have lost their way in the shuffle. This galvanized divided flower box is small enough to fit in your cabinet but big enough to hold all that Sleepy Time, chamomile, honey, and tea balls.

2. A Spice Rack 


Before cooking, it helps to set out the spices you’ll need so you don’t have to go hunting for them. It makes cooking so much quicker and easier. (And with those weeknight dinners, who has time?) A divided flower box is perfect as a spice holder, and it especially comes in handy for those frequently used spices that need to be close at hand.

3. A Cosmetics Caddy 


Bathroom countertops and vanities are where clutter tends to accumulate. A flower box in the bathroom feels instantly shabby chic without taking itself too seriously. And now you have a place for those earrings, mascara, and bobby pins before your cat can bat them down the sink!

4. An Art Bin


A perfectly unfussy way to store paints, pastels, oils, crayons, brushes, yarn, sequins, and anything else you might need to have a frolicking good time around the art table.  What’s great about a divided flower box is that they’re short enough for a child’s reach.

5. An Office Organizer


The experience of hunting for a pen (I swear I just had it!) is all too familiar in the home office. Keep your office organizer well stocked with pens, highlighters, sticky notes, and whatever else you need when you have to quickly scrawl down a reminder.

These weren’t the only ideas we came up with. Here were the runner-ups:

  • A silverware/napkin holder for a party or gathering
  • Guest room essentials (for wash cloths, toothpaste, Keurig pods, Advil, etc)
  • A nail polish caddy
  • Does anyone in the house like making bracelets or jewelry? The perfect bead box!
  • A mechanic’s catch-all for small parts in the garage

How would you use a divided flower box?

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