Farmhouse Style Laundry Room Must-Haves

Farmhouse Style Laundry Room Must-Haves was originally published on Craft House Blog for Craft House Designs on August 4, 2017. 


Who says your laundry room shouldn’t be fun? Here are my top favorite Laundry Room must-haves, because you should love where you scrub the duds.

1. The Deluxe Laundry Basket, on sale for $39.99

What I love about this laundry basket is that you can just take the bag off the wooden legs and carry it like Santa Claus to the laundry room. No more back-breaking, awkward, cumbersome trips across the house with a giant basket in your arms!

2. Antique Metal Laundry Plaque, $12.39

Vintage blue with a slightly distressed look? Yes please.

3. Hanging Planter Jars, $32.99

The most unexpected way to store laundry detergent, lint rollers, and dryer sheets! Keeps clutter off the counters, and is super cute, to boot!

4. Embossed Metal Trash Bin, $62.99

French Country meets American Farmhouse meets lint. Away with you, lint!

5. Hanging Fish Wall Hooks, $29.99

I’m not sure why, but in my laundry room, I always end up having to hang up sweaters, bags, jackets, and even pants, just to get them out of the way. And sometimes they’re items I don’t want to fold. These hooks would work perfectly beside the ironing board.

6. Drop Your Pants Laundry Sign, $24.99

If laundry isn’t your favorite thing to do, might as well have a sense of humor about it. And besides, when you’re at home, pants are completely optional.


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