Signs Your Marketing Needs A Pick-Me-Up

Your marketing efforts should attract more than tumbleweeds. When marketing doesn’t work, it feels like running a hamster wheel for no reason, with no results. You spend time on something that isn’t working and needs a zap of life-giving energy running through it, stat.

Sound familiar? Here are some ways to tell if your marketing has gone kaput.

No one shares or engages with your content.

I’ve seen it: two likes on a Facebook post. One is your boss and the other is your mom. Fifteen if you’re lucky on Instagram. Zero shares. Crickets in the night.

This means your content isn’t resonating. (AKA, nobody cares.) Harsh, but true. If you have tons of followers but everyone keeps scrolling when they see your post, it means your marketing isn’t inspiring anyone. You’re not rocking anyone’s world.

You have no idea if your marketing is making you money.

Here’s a hint: if no one is opening your e-newsletters, if your website has high bounce rates, and if you’re seeing low levels of traffic move from social to your website, than you’re not making money through digital marketing.

You know your digital marketing efforts are singing when you’re getting high traffic, many shares, high engagement, and lots of time spent on your website. The more time your customers spend with you online, the more likely they are to become your customer in real life.

You publish content willy-nilly, here-and-there

You published a couple of blog posts once, and they now have an inch-thick layer of dust on ‘em and haven’t seen a reader in many moons. You might post on social media a couple of times a week – or maybe a few times a month. (In fact, your Instagram and Twitter haven’t been updated since last July!)

Your content itself is inconsistent: you’re not sure what to talk about and what your customers want to see. You end up stagnant.

Strategy? What Strategy? 

Your “strategy” shouldn’t feel like a blindfolded game of Pin The Tail On The Donkey. A real strategy requires a strong brand identity, knowing who your customers are, and an ongoing content calendar. A strategy requires frequent, consistent, high-quality content across multiple channels: through the blog, social media, newsletter, and more. A strategy requires setting clear goals and tracking your progress.

You’re not promoting any creative content.

A solid marketing strategy catches people with high-quality, relatable content through promotion. No one is going to see your blog post or your Spring Sale if it only lives on your website.

You should develop high-quality content and spread the love around email, social media, e-books, YouTube, podcasts, and more.

You can even reach out to influencers in your industry and ask them to share your content. This gets your message out to a larger audience. 

Your writing is, well, crappy.

Ah, the internet. Where crappy writing abounds. It happens all the time: a company pays a writer $10 to write articles for them, and then they’re surprised when the articles don’t resonate with anyone. Hiring a rushed, underpaid, inexperienced writer only leads to rushed, inexperienced content . No one has time to read low-quality writing, and your business sure doesn’t have time to produce it.

Your content is boring.

Your content shouldn’t feel like it’s coming from a wax mannequin. It shouldn’t make people want to jump off a bridge because the trip down would be more interesting. It’s a wild, wonderful world out there with endless wonders! There is no reason to produce boring  content. All you’re doing is spending time creating mind-numbing content no one has use for.  If you don’t give your customers a reason to care, they wont.

Your website isn’t anywhere near the top on Google search.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a magical beast, and you want to stay on its good side. If you have to scroll until you get a hand cramp to find your business on Google search, than something’s wrong. This means people aren’t finding you online, and your prospective customers are going elsewhere to companies with beautiful, modern, dynamic websites and blogs.

How To Awaken Your Marketing Mojo

You might feel like your marketing needs a fairy godmother to make it shine, but in reality, it just needs a little strategy. Here are some ways to get your groove back:

Look Up to Someone

Sometimes we all need inspiration. Every company needs a bigger, shinier one that they can look up to and say “We want to be like that.”

Identify other companies similar to yours (aka your competitors). What are they doing that seems to be working? What are they doing that makes you feel a wee bit jealous? What gives their brand energy, vitality, and spark? Allow the greats to inspire you. Allow them to show you the path to improvement. (Without ripping off their style, of course.)

Make a list of ways you can improve your marketing.

Think through all your marketing channels: your website, blog, e-newsletter, social media channels, etc. Think of ways you can improve your presence throughout. Could the writing on your blog be better? Do you need a more consistent social media presence? Could your e-newsletter look a little more professional and polished?

When you’re making this list, don’t think about budget or obstacles. Don’t think “Ah, well our newsletters look low-budget because we don’t have much time to put them together.” Don’t think about challenges, think about goals. What would make your marketing better? Write it down. Figure out how to make it happen.

Get clear on what makes your brand better than the others.

Get crystal clear on what sets your brand apart from your competitors. This will drive your unique voice and personality. Businesses are just like people: some businesses have strengths that others do not. Your perfect customer is out there, waiting to fall in love with your style, to laugh at your jokes, and to connect with the unique, creative, quirky, shiny, outstanding things that make YOUR company way better than the others.

This confidence and clarity will shine through your voice. It will resonate to your customers. If you believe in your vision, so will your customers.

Don’t be afraid to have FUN!

Humor in marketing shows your customers that your business is comprised of real people with real personalities. Having fun with your marketing is a great way to develop your brand voice and style, and to connect on a human level with your customers.

Also worth noting: humorous marketing improves customer recall and is more likely to be shared around the internet. To learn more about how you can use humor in your marketing, check out my article in TweakYourBiz, “Make ‘Em Laugh: Why Small Brands Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Humor in Marketing.”

Set Your Marketing On Fire (In The Best Way)! 

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