Women Should Carry Pocket Knives.

When I got together with my Dad for Christmas, he handed me a gift that I couldn’t open. I tucked my finger under the fold of the wrapping paper and tugged, but it wouldn’t budge. I pulled and tugged until I remembered that I had my pocket knife on me.

“These rural kids and their pocket knives,” my Dad teased. And he’s right — many people I know who live in rural environments carry knives or utility tools. They come in handy when we’re releasing a bale of straw from it’s cord, cutting away vines or branches, or opening feed bags for our animals.

But I think pocket knives shouldn’t just be for the “rural kids”. I think they’re for everyone. For the most part, I see men carrying pocket knives, and they sing praises of the pocketknives’ usefulness for hiking, backpacking, and sailing. But what about the women?

Women should wear pocket knives. And not just because they make you feel badass. Carrying a pocketknife can get you out of some major and minor situations.

Here are some reasons to carry a knife:

Open Things! 

I kick myself when I need my pocket knife and I don’t have it. Opening mail envelopes, cardboard boxes and food packaging is so much easier when you have a sharp edge in your pocket. Either run off to find the scissors, or simply reach into your pocket.

When I bought my pocket knife, I imagined myself escaping from dire situations with my knife. I imagined cutting ropes, whittling wood, and other survivalist activities. To be honest, I mostly just use it to open cheese packets. But let’s be real, here. Cheese is life. Being able to open that packet of string cheese is going to make your day better.

Protect Yourself! 

As a woman, you learn to fear the world. You learn to fear your own doorbell when it rings. You learn to never walk alone at night. I used to be so afraid of being on my own in the city. Even in good areas, you never know what’s going to happen. Having my knife on me gives me peace of mind. I can live fearlessly with the knowledge that if anyone tries to fuck with me, I can stab them in the throat. It might sound brutal, but hey it’s true.

In some situations, pocket knives can be used for first aid. Get out that splinter or fashion a tourniquet.

Go Camping & Fishing!

Knives are necessary in the wilderness. They can help you start a fire, fight a bear, cut rope and fishing line, dig holes, and more.

We shouldn’t leave the utility knife up to the guys. Women have a responsibility to be just as prepared as the men. We have a responsibility to take care of ourselves and to carry the tools we need.


How sad would you be if you were starving and had a can of tuna … but no way to open it?

If you’re traveling through northern Michigan or another remote area and you come across a small market, your pocket knife will help you open packages, cans, and glass bottles.

It really is best practice to be prepared. Even if it’s just to open a cheese packet. Because you never know when you’ll have to take someone down at the gas station.