Work With Me

Are you looking for someone to write engaging, entertaining content, feature articles, blog posts, or web copy? Are you looking for a writer with a background in strategy, a penchant for marketing, and a love for hard-hitting research?

Maybe you’re an author looking for someone to write your book. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur who needs to get clear on a digital marketing strategy. Maybe you’re a corporation who needs world-class content from an SEO-savvy writer.

My name is Rebecca McCusker and I’m a professional writer who is passionate about all things creativity, wellness, and the great outdoors. I write articles and blogs, manage digital marketing for small-to-medium sized companies, and ghostwrite for CEO’s. My work has appeared in CityScene Magazine, Nanny Magazine, The Nationwide Insurance employee magazine, Abbott Nutrition, and many more.

Topics I passionately write about: 

  • Nutrition
  • Wellness
  • Gardening & The Environment
  • Mental Health
  • Psychology
  • Creativity
  • Art & Music

Here are some examples of my work from across the web:



Mental Health/Psychology: 






Interested in learning more? Email me at with any questions. I’d be happy to discuss my experience and how I can help.